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We are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of Hmong and underserved communities across various age groups. With programs rooted in our core values of education, health, and community, our organization offers a diverse range of initiatives aimed at fostering growth, well-being, and unity. From empowering the youth to enriching the lives of older adults, our programs are designed to create a positive impact and pave the way for a brighter future. Explore the following sections to discover how we are passionately committed to uplifting individuals and strengthening the fabric of our communities.


Our education programs are tailored to empower individuals within the Hmong community who aspire to pursue higher education while preserving their rich traditions and cultural heritage. We understand the importance of bridging academic pursuits with the essence of Hmong identity. Through our comprehensive curriculum, participants not only receive valuable academic guidance, but also gain insights into Hmong traditions, language, and culture. 

The Hmong Language & Cultural Enrichment Program (HLCEP) began as community meetings between Hmong parents to address their students’ low academic performance in reading and math. Through these meetings, they learned low self-esteem and a lack of cultural support were the two causes of Hmong students falling behind their non-Hmong peers. 

HLCEP is a six-week program that helps Hmong K-12 students connect with their Hmong roots and develop a strong cultural identity. Each week covers a new theme relating to Hmong culture, including traditional arts, customs, and Hmong history.

Thinking of enrolling your student into our summer program? Here’s what parents/caregivers and students can expect: 


The Hmong Institute’s Scholarship Program was founded in 2015 with the main goal of raising funds so that scholarships can be made available annually for students of Hmong descent in the State of Wisconsin pursuing higher education. This unique program is run entirely by volunteers and sponsors allowing 100% of the donated funds to go towards the students awarded. We feel very privileged and honored to provide this scholarship to acknowledge the great strides in academic achievements of our Hmong scholars, making our community and parents very proud.


  • The Hmong Institute
  • Vincent Cha of Cha & Associates
  • Charity Morgan, First Weber
  • First Weber Foundation
  • Judge Kristy Yang
  • Mai Zong Vue, COO The Hmong Institute

This opportunity gives Hmong Youth (9th Grade – 12th grade) to learn more about our state government and visit The Wisconsin State Capitol. This trip will give exposure to state government and policy making process, reinforce their knowledge of the three branches of state government, and inspire and foster Hmong youth to be active citizens.


Our health programs are designed for individuals who are committed to enhancing the overall well-being of the Hmong community, focusing on both physical and mental health. These programs serve as a gateway for participants to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of lives. Through a holistic approach, we provide resources, workshops, and activities that promote healthy lifestyles, preventive care, and mental wellness. By actively engaging in these initiatives, participants become catalysts for positive change, championing the importance of physical and mental health within the Hmong community. 

This 2-day in-person training covers topics that will assist participants in gaining knowledge about traditional Hmong health concepts, beliefs, and practices to foster cultural competence and promote culturally responsive services. Each year is a different theme so be on the lookout on our Facebook or contact us!

Hmoob Kaj Siab provides holistic-culturally and linguistically competent mental health, case management, support, and health educational services. Hmoob Kaj Siab is a program of The Hmong Institute that provides wrap-around services to meet the needs of the vulnerable population, including helping clients manage and cope with their mental health challenges. The Hmong Institute is a Comprehensive Community Services (CSS) provider for Dane County Human Services. We partner with New Bridge of Madison for bilingual case management. Our daytime community program is housed at the Life Center, Madison. For more information, please call (608) 695-4041.

Although the Hmong have been in the United States for 45+ years, there continues to be limited culturally appropriate resources addressing the well-being of the Hmong community. This training, provided by a bilingual mental health provider of Hmong descent, builds on our commitment to bring culturally-relevant trainings to help address the mental health needs of the Hmong community.


Our community programs offer a unique opportunity for individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact within the Hmong community by immersing themselves in its rich traditions and culture. Through these programs, participants embark on a journey of discovery and understanding, delving into the heart of Hmong heritage. Our experienced mentors and engaging activities provide a supportive environment for learning the intricacies of Hmong traditions, fostering a deep appreciation for their significance. 

The Hmong Institute has a vision for a far-reaching community-driven, participatory assessment that centers the voices of Hmong community in determining and answering the questions that are most important in their lives. The Hmong Health and Wellness Assessment will use a decolonizing model of community-driven, participatory assessment of a broad range of indicators, including child and family needs. Importantly, this assessment will provide a baseline to determine the needs of children and families, the barriers they may face in accessing needed services, and the community strengths that can be leveraged to create solutions that work for Hmong families. The Hmong Institute will play a leading role in the design and implementation of the Wellness Assessment by overseeing the engagement of community leaders, parents, elders, students and others to conduct community surveys, cafes, forums and other forms of outreach regarding issues of importance to the community. In addition, the Hmong Institute will oversee data collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.

We are looking for volunteers to help us pack food boxes as families and
communities are forced to adjust to a new norm and are impacted by the
COVID-19 pandemic. Our effort is to provide boxes of food and supplies to
families, a basic need for families that we are impacted by COVID-19. We
distribute about 350 food care boxes to Asian refugee and immigrant
families on the 2nd Friday of every month.

The families needing this basic support is growing every week and so is our
need for more volunteers. This is a great volunteer project for an individual,
a family or a group effort. Benefits you will gain include: networking with
people who share your volunteer values, gaining volunteer experiences, and
enjoying a Hmong lunch. We hope you will join our team soon!

The Fundamentals of The Hmong Community Certificate is designed to help you understand the history, refugee experience, culture, and challenges of the Hmong American communities. Through these workshops, you will have the opportunity to meet Hmong presenters of different experiences, and engage in activities and discussions that will help you sharpen your knowledge and skills to serve Hmong clients or interact with Hmong individuals, leaders, youth and women.

Interested in Our Programs?

The Hmong Institute contains an extensive amount of programs for any individual, from youth to elders, interested in the pursuit of supporting underserved communities in Wisconsin. Reach out to us for more information about any related topics stated above at: info@TheHmongInstitute.org