Serving The Hmong Community Under One Roof Over 35 Years of Experiences

About The Hmong Institute

The Hmong Institute is a community builder and educator for those serving the Hmong and other underserved communities in Wisconsin and a voice and hope for them. We offer resources for advancing Hmong and other underserved community heritages. Our services include culturally competent direct service, advocacy, cultural training, technical assistance, and 1-on-1 consultation.

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We are a team of diverse professionals who all share the same mission and vision in serving underserved communities. Click below to learn more about our board members.

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We offer a variety of programs and services for anyone interested in advancing the inclusivity of the Hmong  and other underserved communities  and meeting their needs.

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Unsure of how to support the Hmong and other underserved communities? Attend our events that’ll educate you about their culture and support us in the preservation of their heritage. 

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Volunteers are at the heart of our organization. Come and join us in making a positive impact in our community. From planning to being a part of our event, there is a place for you here.

A letter from our cEO

Nyob Zoo | Hello,

Community is at the heart of everything that we do. It’s the people: participants, volunteers, staff, partners and community leaders that make the difference. We live here. We serve here. We are a part of the communities we serve. The Hmong Institute is designed with community in mind and shaped by our core values: putting people first, recognizing we are better together, doing what is right, and being driven to achieve our goals. 

We see the community as more than a place we live, work, and play. When we talk about community, we mean everybody with a stake in the work we do—from the participants we serve to the thoughtful partners we collaborate with, the many sectors/providers we serve, to thousands of people/volunteers working together to advance the life of Wisconsinites.

To us, community is inclusive, creative, and moves beyond physical borders. We honor and respect the community where they are currently at in their life journey and not where we want them to be.  

We collaborate with partners to create a healthy and safe environment to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health and senior services, foster new leadership, and preserve Hmong heritage. From our nationally recognized and award-winning Hmong Language Culture Enrichment Program (HLCEP) to being the first Hmong Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) provider in Dane County, we are always on a path of continuous innovation and improvement to provide a space for our community to express who they are and their desires in life. This is an important responsibility—and a great opportunity to make a difference in the place we all call home. 

As we look to the future, it is important to remember what first inspired The Hmong Institute to succeed: the community we serve. I am continually impressed by the resourcefulness and resilience displayed by the Hmong community and the exceptional value they bring to Wisconsin and the United States. We have something special here at The Hmong Institute and we are so thankful for all of the passionate, creative, hardworking individuals and I look forward to continually learning from you and partnering with you to make an impact that matters.

  Peng Her, CEO of The Hmong Institute 

400+ Families

In our mental health program assisting in case management and mental health support

3,000+ Bags of Rice

Distributed to more than 3,500 families and
7,600 individuals

600+ Youth

Served in our summer program, Hmong Language and Culture Engagement Program and other youth programs

Help Support Our Hmong Community

Your donation, small or large, is deeply appreciative to support our effort to build a strong community. The language and culture barriers for the underserved communities which we serve in Wisconsin are the gaps for providers. We come are the bridge to close the gaps between the communities we serve and the providers. We thank you in advance for your support for our work at The Hmong Institute. 

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