Hmong American Community Certificate

The Hmong American Certificate Program is designed to help you understand the history, refugee experience, culture, and challenges of the Hmong American communities. Through these workshops, you will have the opportunity to meet Hmong presenters of different experiences, and engage in activities and discussions that will help you sharpen your knowledge and skills to serve Hmong clients or interact with Hmong individuals, leaders, youth and women.

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Hmong Language and Culture Enrichment Program

Our mission is to develop productive citizens and leaders by understanding their cultural heritage. In promoting our mission, we strive to create a safe and healthy learning environment for Hmong students- to enhance students’ academic skills and prepare them for college.

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Hmong Health Summit

The Hmong Health Summit is the first of its kind and will assist participants in
gaining knowledge about traditional Hmong health concept, beliefs and
practices in an effort to foster cultural competence and promote culturally responsive

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Nyob zoo and welcome to The Hmong Institute!


Thank you for visiting us, regardless if your visit is short or long. We are glad you stop by to check out the services at The Hmong Institute!

After 35 years of serving the Hmong and refugee communities in different capacities, we are putting our experience, knowledge and passion to advance our community under one roof–The Hmong Institute.

We aim to be a resource for anyone interested to advance the community inclusive of the Hmong heritage. Our commitment is to ensure individuals desire to learn about Hmong heritage can do so through our trainings and the voices of those impacted by the issues are heard. Lastly, providers and community members have access to cultural competent trainings (Hmong Health Summit, Hmong American Certificate Program, etc.), technical assistance, and consultations as they strive to serve the Hmong community.

As we grow together, please drop us a note if you do not find what you are looking for. We are happy to add your need to our parking lot list. Thank you for visiting us at The Hmong Institute!


Mai Zong Vue
Board President

Ua tsaug uas nej tuaj xyuas koom haum Hmong Institute!

Koom haum Hmong Institute yog lub tsev Hmoob rau cov neeg Hmoob uas xav paub txog lub neej Hmoob. Peb kuj muab kev qhia thiab kawm txog Hmoob kom rau cov neeg tuaj ncig txog kom lawv txawj los pab peb cov Hmoob.

Ua ib zaug neeg, kuv zoo siab tias tiam no kuv yug los ua ib tug Hmoob thiab muaj lub cib fim los txhawb nqa haiv neeg Hmoob, tsis hais tus nyob deb los nyob ze, poj niam los txiv neej, tus muaj los tus pluag, thiab tus laus los tus hluas.

Kuv tau pab txhawb haiv neeg Hmoob thiab neeg poob teb chaw tau 35 lub xyoo los lawm. Ua ntej yuav ncaim lub ntiaj teb no mus, kuv thov muab tag nrho kuv txoj kev txawj thiab txuj ci, keeb kwm tau ua dua, thiab nplooj siab hlub haiv neeg Hmoob coj los nthuav tso ua ib pawg rau lub koom haum The Hmong Institute. Kuv vam tias tus neeg Hmoob uas xav paub thiab xav tig los kawm txog Hmoob yuav tau txais kev pab rau nws. Tsis tas li, cov neeg sab nraud uas pab txhawb peb cov neeg Hmoob uas tshawb fawb tuaj txog los yuav pab kom lawv tau kev pab tib yam.

Thaum peb tab tom loj hlob ua ke, thov qhia rau peb paub yog yam koj tuaj nrhiav txog es peb muaj tsis txhij. Peb yuav muab yam ntawd sau cia thiab npaj nrhiav saib puas tau rau koj. Ua tsaug uas koj tuaj xyuas peb hauv koom haum Hmong Institute!

Hmov tshua txog,

Maiv Zoov Vwj
Thawj Tswj

Our Values

  • We foster innovative leaders.
  • We create a healthy and safe learning environment.
  • We act with integrity, transparency and accountability.
  • Communities most impacted by the issues are the voices leading our work.
  • Everyone is an active agent in creating a socially-just and equitable society.

“Preserving and promoting Hmong heritage for the future”


Empowering community through educating, preserving, and promoting the Hmong heritage.


To be the prominent leader in Hmong heritage.

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