Hmong Health Summit

Since the resettlement of the Hmong in America over four decades ago. The  Hmong have adapted to mainstream Western society while preserving many of their cultural practices. This acculturation process, however has proven challenging. The Hmong continue to face significant health disparities in the treatment of chronic disease, cancer, behavioral/mental health and more.

In the history of the Hmong in America, no known formal training has been offered for health providers by Hmong health professionals addressing the unique and specific concepts of Hmong health and healing.

The Hmong Health Summit is the first of its kind and will assist participants in gaining knowledge about traditional Hmong health concept. beliefs and practices in an effort to foster cultural competence and promote culturally responsive services.

Who Should Attend?

Providers. health care professionals. health care team members and anyone interested in learning to better serve the Hmong community.

Learning Objectives

After attending the Summit. participants will be able to:

  • Understand health. healing concepts and Hmong cosmology that guide traditional health and healing practices.
  • Apply and practice knowledge of the Hmong through a variety of real world case scenarios.
  • Meet and dialogue with a shaman about her healing work
  • Touch, feel, and learn about Hmong dry herbs and dialogue with Hmong herbalists
  • Connect with providers and professionals interested in serving Hmong communities.


Register Now

Registration closes July 21, 2020.