Xa Xiong, B.A., D.C. , M.D.

Medicine Board Certified and practicing as a Family Physician where he provides

medical services to all ages.

Dr. Xiong is the founder of the Dr. Xa Xiong Foundation: A Quest for Education—to

inspire and empower people to achieve the highest vision in the context of life.

The acronym of iLIFE is used to represent individual health, Leadership, Income,

Family and Education. He is a renowned keynote speaker for various occasions

ranging from community events, medical and mental health conferences and

school graduation celebrations. He received immense appreciation and

recognition awards from the Hmong community for exemplifying an optimum role

model and improving the lives of others. In 2007, Dr. Xiong was listed as one of the

five most accomplished Hmong Americans in the book The Hmong: Coming to

America by Kaarin Alisa. In 2011, Dr. Xiong received the “JOURNEY OF HOPE

AWARD” by Secretary Eloise Anderson from the Department of Children and

Families, “for outstanding achievement by a refugee during resettlement and

integration into American society”.

Dr. Xiong is one of the co-authors of a chapter book, Ethnicity and the Dementias

—Working with Hmong American Families, which provides cultural information for

health care providers working with Hmong clients experiencing dementia and is

the author of “The Impossible Dream: Memoirs of a Refugee Boy”. He has over two

decades of experience in bridging cultural barriers within the health care system

and is passionate in helping ensure people get the health care they need. Among

other accolades, Dr. Xiong was honored as the 2016 Wisconsin Family Physician of

the Year by the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians and the 2017 Outstanding

Alumnus of the Year Award by Concordia University Irvine.