Brenda Her

Brenda has been a native of Madison for the past 18 years hailing from Northern California. She is a graduate student at UW-Madison in the School of Education studying cultural relevancy and its significance in public schools with an emphasis on: the Hmong culture, the Hmong people, and the Hmong diaspora. She works full time advocating for High School students that are low-income and first generation college bound to gain access into higher education. She also spends her time working with community leaders on issues affecting the Hmong Community in regards to education in public schools. She serves on a committee for the MMSD Superintendent’s Human Advisory Council, is a part of the Hmong Education Council, and is passionate about advocating for students of color. She is also passionate about: social justice, economic justice, educational justice, policy-reform, and finding sustainable solutions. In her spare time, she enjoys meeting new people, going to social events, singing, playing the piano and guitar, writing her novel, finding new hiking spots in Madison, and running to keep her active.