45th Year Hmong Diaspora Banquet Tickets

45th Year Hmong Diaspora Banquet

(Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 celebration was rescheduled for October 2, 2021)

To purchase banquet ticket go to: https://45yearhmongdiasporabanquet.eventbrite.com

October 2, 5:30-8:30 pm

Monona Terrace

1 John Nolan Drive

Madison, WI 53703


For more information or questions please email:
maizong.vue@thehmonginstitute.org or call 608-695-4041

45th Year Celebration of Hmong Diaspora

The year 2020, marks the 45 year of the Hmong Diaspora in which the Hmong fled Laos as a result of being allies of the United States. After the United States withdrew its troops and Laos fell to communist the new government launched a campaign to “wipe out” the Hmong.  It was no longer safe for Hmong to stay in Laos. May 14, 1975 marks the day when thousands of Hmong started to flee Laos on foot, hiding in the jungle, and crossing the Mekong River into Thailand as political refugees. Many of them were fortunate enough to come to America. Forty-five years later the Hmong have come to call Wisconsin their new home. However, many Wisconsinites do not know who the Hmong are, what role they played in the war, and why they are in WI. Mostly they do not know the rich heritage, culture, and history of a people with a 5,000-year-old culture which causes a lot of racial tension.

The Hmong Institute, Inc. continues to empower communities through educating, preserving, and promoting the Hmong heritage. We are commemorating the Hmong coming to WI by planning a series of regional speaking events to educate about the Hmong. We will conclude the series with a banquet in Madison to honor our parents who made great sacrifices for us, celebrate our successes, and educate about the Hmong American community in Wisconsin.  Our goal is to reflect and celebrate 45 years of Hmong diaspora in Wisconsin. We will recognize those who played an important role in the resettlement of the Hmong in WI. Hear from veterans, elders, and parents about the war and coming to WI. The banquet will be an opportunity for the Hmong in WI to honor our past, celebrate our resilience, and empower our community